High quality credits from carbon removals built for our planet and the local communities that depend on it

The global economy is doing irreparable damage to our planet. This has resulted in the creation of carbon credits (or offsets). Bret seeks to become a leader of high quality credits from carbon removals protocols, production, and sales in order to achieve harmony between our planet and the global economy.

In partnership with global leaders in the fight against climate change

Good for the planet. Good for the community.

Our method supports local communities

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We benefit locales and natural resource owners

We focus on increasing the resilience of ecosystems and the communities that depend on them through the generation of high quality credits from carbon removals. We develop and support projects that provide multiple environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Revenue share distributed to the local communities we work with.

40+ carbon offset projects

Creating revenue from nature, and giving it right back for conservation.


53,000 hectares
Chihuahua is a northwestern State in Mexico, bordering to the north with the states of New Mexico and Texas (United States). It is the largest State in the Country and it is made up of three large regions: Sierra, Plain or Plateau and Desert, which run from west to east in the form of large bands. This generates contrasting climatic and geographic conditions, providing the state its familiar images: its great deserts, mountains, canyons, and forests.


53,000 hectares
Durango is the fourth largest state in the country, on the northwestern edge of the Mesa del Centro, where it meets the Sierra Madre Occidental—the highest peaks in the state. In most of the state the climate is cold and dry, with heavy rains throughout the year.The state has wide extensions of the pine-oak ecosystem but it is most renowned for the fauna that inhabits it, including animals previously declared extinct, such as the Mexican black bear.


53,000 hectares
Jalisco is located in the western region of the country, bordering to the west with the Pacific Ocean. Several of the cultural elements considered to be "characteristically Mexican" originate in Jalisco, such as mariachis and tequila.
It is one of the states with the greatest development and economic, commercial, and cultural growth. We work on both ejido and communal lands on an area of over 5,300 hectares under forest management